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Up to and including Sunday 30th April 2017

Kevin HawesWestern Arms31
MertonWitham United24
SkinnerDunmow Rhodes21
CullumWitham United16
OloladeDunmow Rhodes15
GageWestern Arms14
ManleyValley Green14
CollierCFC Shalford14
SimmonsBraintree Bull13
StainesBocking Social12
JonesBraintree Bull11
J.MillerBraintree Bull10
SimmonsTiptree Elite10
GildartBlack Notley9
VileBocking Social9
AndrewTiptree Elite8
L.SnowlingBocking Social7
M.EveTiptree Elite7
CalvinoDunmow Rhodes7
MartinBlack Notley7
J.NorrisBraintree Bull7
HughesBraintree Bull7
LeftlyWitham United7
J.SmithWitham United6
SealBlack Notley6
EllisValley Green6
BarrettWitham United6
HayesValley Green5
McCormackValley Green5
PotterBocking Social5
MannTiptree Elite5
BarhamTiptree Elite5
LipmanBraintree Bull5
BucklandDunmow Rhodes5
PikeGreat Bradfords5
WilliamsWitham United5
David HawesWestern Arms5
CapperBraintree Bull4
TurnerGreat Bradfords4
BrightTiptree Elite4
PrestonGreat Bradfords4
ButtonWitham United4
LearWitham United4
L.SmithWitham United4
BennettValley Green4
KingWitham United4
ManleyDunmow Rhodes3
GrayCFC Shalford3
Curry Braintree Bull3
HollocksWestern Arms3
FrearsonBraintree Bull3
De'athBlack Notley3
LoveridgeValley Green3
BonnickTiptree Elite3
R.CrushBlack Notley3
PitcherBlack Notley2
EdwardsWitham United2
T.EveTiptree Elite2
StrodeWitham United2
MorrisBraintree Bull2
MackieWestern Arms2
PalmerValley Green2
BrownValley Green2
D.NorrisBraintree Bull2
McDonaldWitham United2
PantingValley Green2
LindsellValley Green2
WilsherWitham United2
HewittWestern Arms2
AndersonGreat Bradfords2
BaileyBocking Social2
HillBocking Social2
GrovesBocking Social2
FreedmanDunmow Rhodes2
CorrBocking Social2
D.MillerBraintree Bull2
HarringtonWitham United2
ElseyBocking Social1
TurnerBocking Social1
StackhouseBraintree Bull1
C.SmithWitham United1
RolfeBocking Social1
RicksWitham United1
GoodeyWitham United1
LawBlack Notley1
DevlinBlack Notley1
CompstiveBocking Social1
VickeryBocking Social1
DodgeBraintree Bull1
CarneyBlack Notley1
BennettWestern Arms1
RavenWestern Arms1
RiseboroughWestern Arms1
WalkerWestern Arms1
PartridgeGreat Bradfords1
DoughtyGreat Bradfords1
KayleyGreat Bradfords1
CressingGreat Bradfords1
AllumTiptree Elite1
M.HarrisTiptree Elite1
FinkValley Green1
StockingValley Green1
ScofieldValley Green1
O'NeillValley Green1
LambTiptree Elite1
WrightTiptree Elite1
A.BennettValley Green1
BlackburnGreat Bradfords1
PughGreat Bradfords1
RomanWestern Arms1
HarrisonWestern Arms1
HawkinsCFC Shalford1
JenkinsCFC Shalford1
JonesCFC Shalford1
GilgristCFC Shalford1
HeapDunmow Rhodes1
BainesDunmow Rhodes1
HancockDunmow Rhodes1
CooperDunmow Rhodes1
McCarthyDunmow Rhodes1
ClaydonWestern Arms1
Darren HawesWestern Arms1
RowlandsWestern Arms1