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Up to and including Sunday 17th September 2017

C.CarterNags Head Celtic7
C.PalmerNags Head Celtic5
K.HawesWestern Arms5
A.CollierCFC Shalford3
S.HollocksWestern Arms3
B.SkinnerFlitch United3
B.BarnsleyNags Head Celtic2
R.BoneNags Head Celtic2
R.McCormackValley Green2
D.HawesWestern Arms2
D.NorrisBraintree Iron 2
T.WhiteCFC Shalford2
L.FrisbyBraintree Iron 1
M.SteptonBocking Social1
E.DrannFlitch United1
K.DodgeBraintree Iron 1
N.OloladeFlitch United1
T.FeatherstoneFlitch United1
T.Le MasurierFlitch United1
M.SmithCFC Shalford1
T.ReadheadCFC Shalford1
P.FalcoNags Head Celtic1
H.GrovesBocking Social1
S.BennettWestern Arms1
M.CullumWitham United1
A.LearWitham United1
R.KingWitham United1
S.WilbyWitham United1
R.DebrickWestern Arms1
J.CatchpoleWestern Arms1
M.AndrewTiptree Elite1
J.MannTiptree Elite1
T.HayesValley Green1
T.WalkinWestern Arms1
A.HainesWestern Arms1
A.HewittWestern Arms1