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Up to and including Sunday 13th January 2019

C CookSporting 779
B ParkerPanfield Bell9
T GregoryTiptree Elite8
S DuberryDunmow Rhodes8
M EveTiptree Elite8
J CornwallWitham Nomads8
T ScottingSporting 777
J RolfePanfield Bell7
C LuxtonSporting 776
C RolesDunmow Rhodes6
J PhillipsSporting 776
E Caceres SolaDunmow Rhodes6
R CookOnley Arms5
J ScarlettTiptree Jobserve5
J ArcherBraintree Legends5
K IrvingDunmow Rhodes5
R GilbertPanfield Bell4
A PalmerBocking Eagles4
R ConstantineBraintree Legends4
L HammondOnley Arms4
J SuttonDunmow Rhodes4
J RussellNotley Sunday4
A McGrathTiptree Elite4
L AndersonSporting 773
L SonnexPanfield Bell3
B CollarOnley Arms3
S SmithPanfield Bell3
A WalkerBraintree Legends3
I FalkBocking Eagles3
B McGlashanBraintree Legends3
G HamillDunmow Rhodes3
E LeaderNotley Sunday3
D SuttonNotley Sunday3
C GoochDunmow Rhodes3
J JohnsonPanfield Bell3
L SextonSporting 773
T EveTiptree Elite3
J AmbroseWitham Nomads3
M AndrewTiptree Elite3
B JamesTiptree Elite3
W HouseTiptree Jobserve3
D RavenSporting 773
W MeekingsBocking Eagles2
S SimmonsTiptree Elite2
D GillTiptree Jobserve2
G HarbertBraintree Legends2
M KosinskiBraintree Legends2
N KentTiptree Jobserve2
E HolroydWitham Nomads2
A ClarkPanfield Bell2
M GriffinTiptree Jobserve2
A Kai-SambaBocking Eagles2
T GrossPanfield Bell2
B BarnsleySporting 772
M HarrisTiptree Elite2
J Palmer Sporting 772
F KirwanTiptree Jobserve1
W SwannBraintree Legends1
A BoydBraintree Legends1
G WatkinsDunmow Rhodes1
J GibbonsWitham Nomads1
B FadojiBraintree Legends1
R EdneyBocking Eagles1
H DayBocking Eagles1
P ArcherBocking Eagles1
L WilliamsWitham Nomads1
C FinchamBocking Eagles1
C GoodbrandBocking Eagles1
P LecompteWitham Nomads1
J ReillyWitham Nomads1
J AndersonBocking Eagles1
J De'athBocking Eagles1
J LottBocking Eagles1
S HockleyDunmow Rhodes1
B FisherDunmow Rhodes1
P MakepeaceTiptree Elite1
C BonnickTiptree Elite1
R RobertsOnley Arms1
M WoodcraftTiptree Elite1
C SmithPanfield Bell1
J PlattPanfield Bell1
T GormleySporting 771
J McIntyreSporting 771
A FerridgePanfield Bell1
L LangdonTiptree Elite1
J GraceOnley Arms1
M AllumTiptree Elite1
L.RoeDunmow Rhodes1
H IrvingDunmow Rhodes1
R CottrellDunmow Rhodes1
J MannTiptree Elite1
J AlexanderDunmow Rhodes1
B BrownNotley Sunday1
J SuttonNotley Sunday1
L WoodcockNotley Sunday1
C RandallNotley Sunday1
S DobbinsTiptree Elite1
J SpencerNotley Sunday1