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Up to and including Sunday 12th November 2017

A.CheekTolleshunt Knights Eagles27
C.RolesDunmow Rhodes9
E.HolroydWitham Nomads8
J.HoyTolleshunt Knights Eagles8
G.DavisWitham Swan 6
M.De La RueWitham Swan 6
B.MeliaTolleshunt Knights Eagles6
F.WilliamsWitham Phoenix5
S.GreenhalghWitham Nomads5
C.GoochDunmow Rhodes5
G.CorcoranTolleshunt Knights Eagles4
J.JohnsonPanfield Bell4
M.ReillyBraintree Legends4
R.WhiteheadManor Works3
B.LambethValley Green Reserves3
C.BoydValley Green Reserves3
A.TurnerTolleshunt Knights Eagles3
A.ChinneryBraintree Legends3
J.GilgristGreat Bradfords Reserves3
S.DuberryDunmow Rhodes3
A.GriggsDunmow Rhodes3
B.ParkerPanfield Bell3
J.CornwallWitham Nomads3
J.FlowersWitham Phoenix3
A.ReadManor Works2
J.BenderPanfield Bell2
J.SuttonDunmow Rhodes2
J.SmithWitham Phoenix2
R.CottrellDunmow Rhodes2
M.BakerGreat Bradfords Reserves2
R.GilbertPanfield Bell2
S.MarshManor Works2
J.AllistonPanfield Bell2
K.JonesGreat Bradfords Reserves2
J.JacksonWitham Swan 2
SinnottValley Green Reserves2
C.RushenWitham Nomads2
G.JohnsonManor Works2
R.WillcocksManor Works2
G.HarbertBraintree Legends2
J.WrightWitham Swan 2
J.AlexanderDunmow Rhodes2
D.TothWitham Nomads2
R.ParsleyWitham Nomads2
N.LewisWitham Phoenix1
M.KayleyGreat Bradfords Reserves1
S.WarwickGreat Bradfords Reserves1
B.FisherDunmow Rhodes1
M.HillsGreat Bradfords Reserves1
J.ArcherBraintree Legends1
J.ChammachWitham Swan1
J.McGeeWitham Swan 1
J.JonatelliBraintree Legends1
C.LuckingWitham Phoenix1
K.IrvingDunmow Rhodes1
D.TurnerWitham Swan 1
P.ShawManor Works1
J.MortarGreat Bradfords Reserves1
C.LancasterTolleshunt Knights Eagles1
L.MeliaTolleshunt Knights Eagles1
A.LizzimoreWitham Nomads1
B.KirkmanTolleshunt Knights Eagles1
E.OliverValley Green Reserves1
J.LongValley Green Reserves1
L.SmartValley Green Reserves1
T.SmartValley Green Reserves1
B.PlattenValley Green Reserves1
T.DickinsonTolleshunt Knights Eagles1
D.StokesWitham Phoenix1
D.MarshallWitham Phoenix1
M.SmithManor Works1
A.MosesGreat Bradfords Reserves1
M.StaceyManor Works1
N.CarscaridePanfield Bell1
P.SmithBraintree Legends1
L.JeffreyPanfield Bell1
L.SummitPanfield Bell1
L.SpinelliWitham Phoenix1