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Guidance For Club Secretaries

Before A Match

By the Tuesday evening before a HOME fixture, Telephone and confirm the game with the opposing team’s Secretary and the Match Referee. Please also discuss with the opposing club secretary your teams colours to avoid a clash being aware that the HOME team is responsible to change kits if necessary. It is recommended that the full club colours (shirts, shorts & socks) for both teams in a game are shared with the referee so that he/she can confirm whether there is any colour clash & which elements of the kit need to be changed.

Match Day

Ensure Team Sheet is filled in correctly including ticking boxes regarding substitutes used/unused, listing goalscorers, Referee’s name and marks and is then posted to the Registration Secretary to arrive no later than Wednesday following the match.

Ensure your team provides a Linesman, TWO match balls and linesman flags for the match.

Ensure the Referee is given the BLUE copy of the team-sheet before kick-off and is paid his fee promptly once the game has finished and is not left waiting around for it.

Home team secretary to Telephone or Email the result and both teams goalscorers to the Press Officer by 3pm on the day of the match. Away team secretary to phone in their goalscorers if not given to home team secretary before leaving ground.

If playing in a COUNTY CUP FIXTURE teams playing HOME or AWAY the team secretary is responsible for phoning in the result and goalscorers to the Press Officer (Note: winning team secretary must also contact the relevant Essex FA group officer with their result.

All Cup matches to be decided on the day of the match, If the scores are level at the end of normal time then a extra time of 15 minutes each way shall be played. if at the end of extra time the scores are still level then the tie shall be decided by penalties.


It is very important that you reply to any correspondence from the league within the specified time, it not only helps the league run efficiently but more importantly helps your club avoid being fined!

Postponements/Cancellations or Change of Venue

If a game has to be postponed due to weather/lack of players/abandonment or a change of venue is required the HOME team secretary must contact the following League officers immediately:

• Fixture Secretary
• Referee Appointment Secretary
• Press Officer
• Opposing Club Secretary
• Match Official

Other Helpful Information

No Telephone calls to Management Committee Members after 21.00 hours.

Information relating to Referees please contact: Kevin Fisher
Information relating to Registrations/Transfers please contact: Jacqui Parker
Information relating to Finances please contact: Malcolm Seward
Information relating to fixtures please contact: Andy Livermore
Information relating to all other matters please contact: David Parker


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