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Up to and including Sunday 10th February 2019

R BoneNags Head Celtic18
J BucklandFlitch United Sunday12
T WhiteCFC Shalford12
M PotterGreat Bardfield11
A O'ConnorWestern Arms10
J GilgristGreat Bradfords10
J MertonWitham United10
A CollierFlitch United Sunday9
L SorafBraintree Iron8
R DebrickWestern Arms7
M KnowlesNags Head Celtic7
K JonesGreat Bradfords7
R BennettWitham United6
J EvansBraintree Iron6
R LeftlyWitham United6
J PrestonGreat Bradfords5
S RadleyNags Head Celtic4
C MooreFlitch United Sunday4
S EdwardsGreat Notley4
J ChalkGreat Bradfords4
J MillerBraintree Iron4
S BarrettWitham United4
B SkinnerFlitch United Sunday4
A CuttsBocking Social4
D WiffinGreat Notley3
C GriffithsGreat Notley3
E FoyCFC Shalford3
R LaytonGreat Notley3
R ColeNags Head Celtic3
C ParradineGreat Notley3
S HollocksWestern Arms3
M SmithCFC Shalford3
C HopkinsGreat Bardfield3
R KingWitham United3
M CullumWitham United3
C KnightsbridgeWitham United3
G SheathGreat Bardfield3
P FalcoNags Head Celtic3
N StackhouseBraintree Iron3
M ThompsonNags Head Celtic3
L WhiteCFC Shalford3
M CalvinoFlitch United Sunday3
T GildartFlitch United Sunday2
H MihlenstedtCFC Shalford2
T ReadheadCFC Shalford2
S JonesBraintree Iron2
H GrovesBocking Social2
L SnowlingBocking Social2
T LightlyBocking Social2
E CarterBocking Social2
L FrisbyBraintree Iron2
K DodgeBraintree Iron 2
B ReynoldsCFC Shalford2
T HughesCFC Shalford2
S ForbesGreat Bardfield2
T GrovesCFC Shalford2
T ButcherCFC Shalford2
A TurnerGreat Bradfords2
P WicksWestern Arms2
E NewtonWestern Arms2
R VickeryGreat Bradfords2
S CannockWestern Arms2
T WalkinWestern Arms2
B KinkaidGreat Notley2
K Dobrowolski
Nags Head Celtic2
M WalkinWestern Arms2
J BoneNags Head Celtic2
A DanielsGreat Bardfield2
A HughesNags Head Celtic2
T KempBocking Social2
R HenshawWestern Arms2
J SorafBraintree Iron 1
K HawesWestern Arms1
A HewittWestern Arms1
J CatchpoleWestern Arms1
T HollocksWestern Arms1
M DavisBocking Social1
M HearnWitham United1
J ButtonWitham United1
L CacchioBocking Social1
D HawesWestern Arms1
A Oxley-GilpinBocking Social1
S PilgrimBocking Social1
T FilbyWestern Arms1
S KentBocking Social1
M MustoBocking Social1
B PaterNags Head Celtic1
C ProwCFC Shalford1
T DoughtyGreat Bradfords1
L GriffinGreat Bradfords1
L GrayFlitch United Sunday1
C ThompsonGreat Bardfield1
C DixonGreat Bardfield1
K ManningGreat Bardfield1
D CaterGreat Bardfield1
T HopkinsGreat Bardfield1
L QuinnGreat Bardfield1
B HaywardFlitch United Sunday1
T FeatherstoneFlitch United Sunday1
J EdwardsGreat Notley1
R BeckwithGreat Notley1
J BullGreat Notley1
F KottasNags Head Celtic1
T GriffithsGreat Notley1
L HumphriesGreat Notley1
L ThorndykeFlitch United Sunday1
B PikeGreat Bradfords1
J LairdFlitch United Sunday1
J MortarGreat Bradfords1