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Up to and including Sunday 20th May 2018

B.SkinnerFlitch United19
T.WhiteCFC Shalford18
R.BoneNags Head Celtic18
C.PalmerNags Head Celtic16
M.AndrewTiptree Elite13
M.SmithCFC Shalford12
T.HughesBraintree Iron 12
S.HollocksWestern Arms12
R.KingWitham United11
S.JonesBraintree Iron 11
C.CarterNags Head Celtic10
K.HawesWestern Arms10
B.ThompsonBroomfield (BNESL)10
C.FerrellBlack Notley8
A.CollierCFC Shalford8
N.AliBroomfield (BNESL)8
N.OloladeFlitch United8
J.MertonWitham United8
S.SimmonsTiptree Elite8
H.GrovesBocking Social8
D.VileBocking Social7
T.KempBocking Social7
E.DrannFlitch United7
K.DodgeBraintree Iron 7
L.SnowlingBocking Social6
C.DriverTiptree Elite6
T.GildartBlack Notley6
L.PatonBlack Notley5
N.StackhouseBraintree Iron 5
T.ManleyFlitch United5
S.DuhigBroomfield (BNESL)5
P.WicksWestern Arms5
H.SealBlack Notley5
S.RadleyNags Head Celtic4
L.SorafBraintree Iron 4
B.CapperBraintree Iron 4
K.DobrowolskiNags Head Celtic4
J.NorrisBraintree Iron 4
L.FrisbyBraintree Iron 4
K.HeapFlitch United4
S.BarrettWitham United4
M.HearnWitham United3
R.DrannFlitch United3
A.HewittWestern Arms3
A.ReedFlitch United3
M.SteptonBocking Social3
R.DebrickWestern Arms3
L.GrayCFC Shalford3
M.SimmonsBraintree Iron 3
B.HamptonBroomfield (BNESL)3
L.LongdonTiptree Elite3
M.CullumWitham United3
B.JonesWestern Arms3
M.CalvinoFlitch United3
R.McCormackValley Green3
R.BennettValley Green3
L.SmithWitham United2
J.MillerBraintree Iron 2
C.MowerBroomfield (BNESL)2
D.NicholsonBocking Social2
C.ButcherWestern Arms2
J.StonehamValley Green2
H MihlenstedtCFC Shalford2
S.LightlyBlack Notley2
T.CoburnBlack Notley2
T.FeatherstoneFlitch United2
J.HesterBroomfield (BNESL)2
D.HawesWestern Arms2
T.WalkinWestern Arms2
S.DawesNags Head Celtic2
H.CawstonBroomfield (BNESL)2
B.BarnsleyNags Head Celtic2
K.BarhamTiptree Elite2
J.BurgessFlitch United2
L.ThorndykeFlitch United2
J.DuhigBroomfield (BNESL)2
T.WentBlack Notley1
E.NewtonWestern Arms1
J.HarringtonWitham United1
M.FrearsonBraintree Iron 1
D.GageWestern Arms1
C.KnightsbridgeWitham United1
A.LearWitham United1
T.LightlyBlack Notley1
M.StainesBocking Social1
D.PotterBocking Social1
J.GeishaBlack Notley1
C.SmithWitham United1
M.CompstiveBocking Social1
T.WhiteBlack Notley1
L.EdwardsWitham United1
S.WilbyWitham United1
M.YeoWitham United1
S.PilgrimBocking Social1
J.ButtonWitham United1
M.DavisBocking Social1
T.ReadheadCFC Shalford1
D.NorrisBraintree Iron 1
R.ScofieldValley Green1
H.EllisValley Green1
P.FalcoNags Head Celtic1
A.BennettValley Green1
J.JewsonFlitch United1
L.BrandumFlitch United1
J.PalmerNags Head Celtic1
R.ColeNags Head Celtic1
T.EveTiptree Elite1
M.AllumTiptree Elite1
T.HayesValley Green1
J.MannTiptree Elite1
B.PaterNags Head Celtic1
S LodgeNags Head Celtic1
J.LairdFlitch United1
J.BucklandFlitch United1
A.RocheBroomfield (BNESL)1
I.ScubitchWestern Arms1
K.HatwellBroomfield (BNESL)1
R.EdwardsWestern Arms1
M.ReeveWestern Arms1
K.RiseboroughWestern Arms1
S.BennettWestern Arms1
R.McLarenCFC Shalford1
A.HainesWestern Arms1
J.CareyFlitch United1
J.CatchpoleWestern Arms1
T.Le MasurierFlitch United1
O.RogersCFC Shalford1
D.ChalkCFC Shalford1
S.ClarkeCFC Shalford1