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Up to and including Sunday 4th April 2021

Callum SparrowFinchingfield Rovers10
Tristan WoolfendenNotley Sunday First9
Lewis SonnexPanfield Bell 8
Connor FinchamBarnston AFC8
Dominic ParkerBraintree Legends6
Jordi PappleBraintree Legends5
Matt BennettBarnston AFC4
Lefkos ConstantinouFinchingfield Rovers4
Bradley KeefeSporting 774
Oliver RandFinchingfield Rovers4
Liam MurphyHalstead Town Sunday4
James CookPanfield Bell4
Sean PilgrimPanfield Bell 3
Russell NewmanPanfield Bell 3
Keelan DurrantFinchingfield Rovers3
Jordan RobertsonFlitch United Sunday3
Matt WickhamFlitch United Sunday3
Adam RyanSporting 773
Pele HaydonHalstead Town Sunday3
Callum FerrellNotley Sunday First3
Chris WrightHalstead Town Sunday2
Robert Rusu ConstantinBraintree Legends2
Jack WollingtonHalstead Town Sunday2
Lewis WollingtonHalstead Town Sunday2
Jack MorrisFlitch United Sunday2
Charlie PittFinchingfield Rovers2
Danny DownesNotley Sunday First2
Rory EdneyBarnston AFC2
Toby GrossPanfield Bell 2
Ryan GilbertPanfield Bell 2
Ben ParkerPanfield Bell2
Tim JossaumeFinchingfield Rovers2
Michael PittsSporting 772
Danny RavenSporting 772
George WallaceBarnston AFC2
Tom TrendallFlitch United Sunday2
Callan ParkerBraintree Legends1
Sean GoodeBraintree Legends1
Alfie LongBarnston AFC1
Tinofireyl ChinakeBraintree Legends1
Isaac FalkBarnston AFC1
Harry DayBarnston AFC1
Jordan PittsBarnston AFC1
Josh FosterBarnston AFC1
Jarryd FoucheBarnston AFC1
Taylor FisherBarnston AFC1
George StiffBarnston AFC1
Jon ArcherBraintree Legends1
Miles BullwinkleFinchingfield Rovers1
Tim HowlettSporting 771
Jack GosdenFinchingfield Rovers1
Matt HillSporting 771
Chris CookSporting 771
Mitchell GrovesSporting 771
James StevensSporting 771
Sam SmithPanfield Bell1
Jack BradshawPanfield Bell1
Harry GrovesNotley Sunday First1
Bradley BarnardNotley Sunday First1
Tom LightlyNotley Sunday First1
Jarrod SpencerFinchingfield Rovers1
Jack SoarNotley Sunday First1
Cameron IsmailHalstead Town Sunday1
Adam CollinsHalstead Town Sunday1
Jamie DickerFlitch United Sunday1
Luke CubberleyFlitch United Sunday1
George WindsorFlitch United Sunday1
Nick CooperFlitch United Sunday1
Elliott CockrellFlitch United Sunday1
Matt CoopersmithFlitch United Sunday1
Richard McLintockFlitch United Sunday1
Robert KilliherHalstead Town Sunday1
Jamie BennettBarnston AFC1