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Up to and including Sunday 26th January 2020

Lewis SonnexPanfield Bell14
Max WilsonWitham Town Sunday10
Callum FerrellNotley Sunday First9
Tom BinksHalstead Town Sunday 9
Ryan MunsonHalstead Town Sunday 8
Stuart FrenchHeybridge Harriers8
Matthew PotterGreat Bardfield8
Lee NashKenson8
Ben ParkerPanfield Bell7
James ScarlettTiptree Jobserve Sunday First6
George SmithStisted6
Liam BaileyTiptree Jobserve Sunday First5
Ryan McCormackWitham Town Sunday5
Jacob PalmerWitham Town Sunday5
Dan ParrishHeybridge Harriers5
Evan DavisHeybridge Harriers5
Tom TrendallFlitch United Sunday5
Tristan WoolfendenNotley Sunday First4
Will MeekingsGreat Bardfield4
Billy MasonHeybridge Harriers4
James CookPanfield Bell4
Ross CookStisted4
Jake StewartWitham Town Sunday4
Shane LindsellWitham Town Sunday4
Sam SmithPanfield Bell3
Georgia Paolo Dunmow Rhodes3
Dan PotterNotley Sunday First3
Toby GrossPanfield Bell3
Jack ShawDunmow Rhodes3
Kennie IrvingDunmow Rhodes3
David ShelleyKenson3
Jack StonehamWitham Town Sunday3
Harry StonehamWitham Town Sunday3
Steve ShelleyKenson3
Jordan RobertsonFlitch United Sunday3
Emilio CaceresDunmow Rhodes3
Charlie GoochDunmow Rhodes3
Aaron Stephenson-RobertsHeybridge Harriers3
Adam GreenKenson3
Liam MurphyHalstead Town Sunday 3
Stuart StanleyFlitch United Sunday3
Alex BroadKenson2
Conor DavisHeybridge Harriers2
James BakerHeybridge Harriers2
Tommy MercerFlitch United Sunday2
Tom BurnsFlitch United Sunday2
Jack WollingtonHalstead Town Sunday 2
Adam PottsGreat Bardfield2
George AlexanderDunmow Rhodes2
Frank LadlowDunmow Rhodes2
Mark YabsleyKenson2
Joe SpencerPanfield Bell2
Nathan KentTiptree Jobserve Sunday First2
Jimmy Pirie Tiptree Jobserve Sunday First2
Ashley PhillipsStisted2
Jack RolfePanfield Bell2
Sam PhillipsStisted2
Rory MercerFlitch United Sunday1
Daniel OkusagaTiptree Jobserve Sunday First1
Aidan KentTiptree Jobserve Sunday First1
Billy AndrewsGreat Bardfield1
Jamie NauntonGreat Bardfield1
Chris BullGreat Bardfield1
Harry PageTiptree Jobserve Sunday First1
Liam WhippsWitham Town Sunday1
Kimani SobevejoStisted1
Tommy HayesWitham Town Sunday1
Jack StraceyWitham Town Sunday1
Tom GravesWitham Town Sunday1
Alex BlakeDunmow Rhodes1
Marti CullumWitham Town Sunday1
Harrie IrvingDunmow Rhodes1
Sam Duberry Dunmow Rhodes1
Reece CottrellDunmow Rhodes1
Adam O'NeilWitham Town Sunday1
Ky Richardson Witham Town Sunday1
Pat KnottGreat Bardfield1
Sam SullivanKenson1
Joe FrisbyNotley Sunday First1
Adam ClarkPanfield Bell1
Sam PilgrimPanfield Bell1
Danny DownesNotley Sunday First1
Matthew WestonNotley Sunday First1
Jon YabsleyKenson1
George PhillipNotley Sunday First1
Jack HoweHeybridge Harriers1
Lewis ThackerHeybridge Harriers1
Joe JohnsonPanfield Bell1
Matt StevensHalstead Town Sunday 1
Ben CollarStisted1
Connor MurphyHalstead Town Sunday 1
Pele HaydonHalstead Town Sunday 1
Liam QuinnGreat Bardfield1
Lewis ScrivenerHalstead Town Sunday 1
Arnold FerridgeHalstead Town Sunday 1
Lewis WollingtonHalstead Town Sunday 1
Matt CreaseyHalstead Town Sunday 1
Adam CollinsHalstead Town Sunday 1
James BurdageStisted1