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Up to and including Sunday 26th January 2020

Charlie PittFinchingfield Rovers13
Ryan OakleyTiptree Jobserve Sunday Reserves11
Billy KinkaidStisted Reserves9
James McGeeWitham White Horse8
Ben DyerBraintree Legends Reserves8
Aaron YatesBraintree Legends Reserves7
Matt StaceyStisted Reserves7
Lefkos ConstantinouFinchingfield Rovers7
Keith JonesGreat Bradfords7
Jay CraneWitham White Horse7
Gary JohnsonWitham Phoenix7
Nathan PostillGreat Bradfords7
Louis ClaxtonBradwell Rovers6
Jack GilgristGreat Bradfords6
Olly RandallFinchingfield Rovers6
Andy CheekTolleshunt Knights Eagles6
Luke JonesGreat Bradfords5
Dean WiffinStisted Reserves4
Greg CorcoranTolleshunt Knights Eagles4
Shayne EllisBradwell Rovers4
Theo ManleyBraintree Legends Reserves4
Lee ColeTolleshunt Knights Eagles4
Jude ScottTiptree Jobserve Sunday Reserves4
William CoburnNotley Sunday Reserves3
Chris DixonBradwell Rovers3
Ricky LeftlyStisted Reserves3
Taylor NicholsonStisted Reserves3
Reece JonesStisted Reserves3
Lee RiderFinchingfield Rovers3
Callum SparrowFinchingfield Rovers3
Kieron OakleyTiptree Jobserve Sunday Reserves3
Leon GriffinGreat Bradfords3
Tom BootNotley Sunday Reserves3
George WindsorBraintree Legends Reserves3
Thomas DaltonTiptree Jobserve Sunday Reserves3
Josh RiptonBraintree Legends Reserves3
Adam StarckeyBradwell Rovers3
James McLaughlin Witham Phoenix2
Jordan MatthewsTiptree Jobserve Sunday Reserves2
Reid WhiteheadWitham Phoenix2
Alex BurlingBradwell Rovers2
William KimberTiptree Jobserve Sunday Reserves2
Mike KayleyGreat Bradfords2
Charlie ElseTiptree Jobserve Sunday Reserves2
Ash ShuttlewoodStisted Reserves2
Louis ClaxtonBradwell Rovers2
Harry DaltonTiptree Jobserve Sunday Reserves2
Jarred ChammachWitham White Horse2
Charlie HumphreyBraintree Legends Reserves2
Jack JohnsonTiptree Jobserve Sunday Reserves2
Brandon SeaberTolleshunt Knights Eagles2
Darren GearBraintree Legends Reserves2
Christian GoodbrandStisted Reserves2
Ryan KehoeWitham White Horse2
Jamie RiptonBraintree Legends Reserves2
Dan WhithamBraintree Legends Reserves2
Scott BarrettWitham White Horse2
Keelan DurrantFinchingfield Rovers2
Bailey WrightBraintree Legends Reserves1
Reece BlagdenBradwell Rovers1
Kieron KennedyBradwell Rovers1
Tate FilbyBraintree Legends Reserves1
Ben EvansBraintree Legends Reserves1
Brad ClaydonBraintree Legends Reserves1
Lewis HughesBradwell Rovers1
Owen FosterTiptree Jobserve Sunday Reserves1
Scott LynchBradwell Rovers1
Henry RaymentTiptree Jobserve Sunday Reserves1
Ben McGlashanBraintree Legends Reserves1
Aaron SmithNotley Sunday Reserves1
Ryan MannBradwell Rovers1
Fraser KennedyFinchingfield Rovers1
Jarrod SpencerFinchingfield Rovers1
George SheathFinchingfield Rovers1
Ricky ParishWitham White Horse1
Ben PlattenWitham White Horse1
Marc De-La-RueWitham White Horse1
Jake LanderFinchingfield Rovers1
Matt GroundsFinchingfield Rovers1
Regan TurnerWitham Phoenix1
Matt SmithWitham Phoenix1
Bradley GreyWitham Phoenix1
Jon FlowersWitham Phoenix1
Jack GosdenFinchingfield Rovers1
Danny SuttonWitham Phoenix1
Danny SaywardWitham Phoenix1
Joe JacksonWitham White Horse1
Chris LancasterTolleshunt Knights Eagles1
Rory WillettNotley Sunday Reserves1
Kieron ScottNotley Sunday Reserves1
James SkingsleyNotley Sunday Reserves1
Harry MillsGreat Bradfords1
Jourdain TigheGreat Bradfords1
Kobe AspinGreat Bradfords1
Owen GrayGreat Bradfords1
Elliot SmithNotley Sunday Reserves1
Cameron SmithNotley Sunday Reserves1
Liam BownTolleshunt Knights Eagles1
Peter SnookTolleshunt Knights Eagles1
Jamie EatonStisted Reserves1
Tom GarnhamStisted Reserves1
Alex ChambersStisted Reserves1
Jamie EatonStisted Reserves1
Jason SmithStisted Reserves1