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Up to and including Sunday 16th December 2018

C FerrellNotley Sunday Reserves12
T WoolfendenNotley Sunday Reserves10
L GriffinGreat Bradfords Reserves8
S FrenchHeybridge Harriers7
B PlattenWitham White Horse6
E DavisHeybridge Harriers5
F WilliamsWitham Phoenix5
M StaceyManor Works5
D DownesNotley Sunday Reserves5
J HoyTolleshunt Knights Eagles4
B SeaberTolleshunt Knights Eagles4
A CheekTolleshunt Knights Eagles4
R McCormackWitham Town Sunday4
L MurphyTiptree Jobserve Reserves4
C DavisHeybridge Harriers4
C PittFinchingfield Rovers4
L WollingtonTiptree Jobserve Reserves4
J HoweHeybridge Harriers4
N Michael Brown Finchingfield Rovers3
J MeliaTolleshunt Knights Eagles3
M HarveyTiptree Jobserve Reserves3
M SmithManor Works3
J TigheGreat Bradfords Reserves3
L O'ReillyTiptree Jobserve Reserves3
A HepworthFinchingfield Rovers3
J FlowersWitham Phoenix3
A CollinsTiptree Jobserve Reserves2
J ThompsonNotley Sunday Reserves2
G JohnsonManor Works2
S CollinsNotley Sunday Reserves2
J McDermottFinchingfield Rovers2
T CoburnGreat Bradfords Reserves2
M BakerGreat Bradfords Reserves2
R HartManor Works2
R WilcocksManor Works2
S LoveNotley Sunday Reserves2
R NialWitham Phoenix2
J StewartWitham Town Sunday2
J WadeWitham Phoenix2
T HayesWitham Town Sunday2
J McGeeWitham White Horse2
R KehoeWitham White Horse2
S HowardWitham White Horse2
S LindsellWitham Town Sunday2
W KimbleTiptree Jobserve Reserves2
A PottsFinchingfield Rovers1
H StonehamWitham Town Sunday1
L ScrivenerTiptree Jobserve Reserves1
M De La RueWitham White Horse1
G ShearerGreat Bradfords Reserves1
M KayleyGreat Bradfords Reserves1
J MorterGreat Bradfords Reserves1
J PrestonGreat Bradfords Reserves1
S PoultonGreat Bradfords Reserves1
H MillsGreat Bradfords Reserves1
J ShearerGreat Bradfords Reserves1
D CornwellNotley Sunday Reserves1
B MeliaTolleshunt Knights Eagles1
H BoyleFinchingfield Rovers1
D AdasonikFinchingfield Rovers1
T FoxFinchingfield Rovers1
R BennettWitham White Horse1
L AbrahamFinchingfield Rovers1
J ChammachWitham White Horse1
J LanderFinchingfield Rovers1
R ReidFinchingfield Rovers1
M PierpointFinchingfield Rovers1
D OlubunmiFinchingfield Rovers1
K RichardsonWitham Town Sunday1
J StonehamWitham Town Sunday1
B GrayManor Works1
L MurphyWitham Town Sunday 1
R WhiteheadManor Works1
N HamiltonManor Works1
S McLlendManor Works1
J FrisbyNotley Sunday Reserves1
P SnookTolleshunt Knights Eagles1
T DickinsonTolleshunt Knights Eagles1
M ReillyWitham Phoenix1
B BarnardNotley Sunday Reserves1
P LooselyNotley Sunday Reserves1
F GardinerNotley Sunday Reserves1
M WestonNotley Sunday Reserves1
A WylieHeybridge Harriers1
A FrenchTiptree Jobserve Reserves1
C ScottHeybridge Harriers1
L ThackerHeybridge Harriers1
J Vango SearleHeybridge Harriers1
B PalmerWitham Town Sunday1
J PantingWitham Town Sunday1
A FrancisManor Works1
D NewtonHeybridge Harriers1
J ParishHeybridge Harriers1
D ParishHeybridge Harriers1