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Results Round-up Sunday 14th October 2018

Premier Division

Braintree Iron 4th hosted CFC Shalford 8th and won 4-1 to stay 4th. Braintree Iron’s goal scorers were L. Frisby, J. Evans, J. Miller and J. Soraf and CFC Shalford’s goal scorer was Hayden Mihlenstedt.

Great Bradfords 7th hosted Great Bardfield 9th and won 7-1 to move up to 6th place. Great Bradford’s goal scorers were Josh Preston 4, James Chalk 2 and an OG and Great Bardfield’s goal came from an OG.

Great Notley 10th were Home to Flitch United 2nd and got their first point in a 2-2 draw which sees Flitch United move to 1st place. Great Notley’s goal scorers were Callum Parradine and Billy Kinkaid and Flitch United’s goal scorers were Matteo Callino and Luke Thornedyke.

Nags Head Celtic 3rd hosted Bocking Social 6th and drew 4-4 and Nags Head Celtic stay 4th. Nags Head Celtic’s goal scorers were Sean Radley 2, Matt Knowles and Robbie Cole and Bocking Social’s goal scorers were Ellis Carter 2, Mike Davis and Luke Snowling.

Western Arms 1st hosted Witham United 5th and the away side won 4-2 and stay in 5th place while Western Arms dropped a place to go 2nd. Witham United’s goal scorers were R. Leftly 3 and R. Bennett.

Division One

Sporting 77 5th hosted Dunmow Rhodes 4th and the home side won 7-4 which sees the two sides switch places. Sporting 77’s goal scorers were Danny Raven 2, Lee Sexton, Thom Scotting, Jordan Philips, Chris Cook and an OG. Dunmow Rhodes goal scorers were Emilio Caseres 2, Reece Cottrell and Charlie Gooch.

Division Two

Manor Works 3rd hosted Tolleshunt Knight Eagles 9th and won 5-3 to move up to 2nd place. Tolleshunt Knight Eagles goal scorers were Jordan Hoy 2 and Peter Snook.

County Cup Games

Braintree Legends went through with a home win of 2-0 against Finchingfield Rovers. Braintree Legends goal scorers were Arron Chinery and Rusu Robert Constantin.

Panfield Bell lost at home 4-0 to Madrid Wanderers.

Tiptree Jobserve travelled to Pathfields and lost 2-1. Tiptree Jobserves goal scorer was Tom Pullen.

Onley Arms travelled to Sokretez and lost 8-0.

Witham Phoenix travelled to Blackwater and lost 2-0.

Great Bradford Reserves travelled to Great Oakley and won 2-0. Great Bradfords Reserves goal scorers were Owen Gray and Danny Saggers.

Notley FC Reserves went through at home against Bridge Street Hearts with a 4-1 win. Notley FC Reserves goal scorers were Callum Ferrell, George Shorten, Scott Collins and an OG.

Witham Town went through after winning 3-2 at home against CUSA. Witham United’s goal scorers were Tommy Hayes, Ryan McCormack and Jake Stewart.

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