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  • Phone 07742 188227 - League Results Line

Guidance For Club Secretaries

Before A Match

By the Tuesday evening before a HOME fixture, the Home Club Secretary must telephone and confirm the game with the opposing team’s Secretary and the Match Referee including time of kick off, advice as to location & access to the ground. Please also discuss with the opposing club secretary your team’s colours to avoid a colour clash occurring being aware that the HOME team is responsible to change kits if necessary. It is recommended that the full club colours (shirts, shorts & socks) for both teams in a game are shared with the referee so that he/she can confirm whether there is any colour clash & which elements of the kit need to be changed.

Match Day

Ensure Team Sheet is shared with opponents & referee not later than 15 minutes before kick-off time. Both teams are also to receive an up to date copy of their opponents Squad List not later than 15 minutes before kick off time. Post match each team must send to the Registration Secretary via email/SMS a correctly completed team sheet, this must include the forename(s) and surname of the Team Players (in block letters), advice of the names of players signed on the day of the match & the name of the opponent official countersigning the Team Sheet in confirmation, team goalscorers, the names of all players cautioned, sent to Sin Bin or sent off, and also the referee markings required by Rule 23, or any other information required by the Competition, to arrive no later than 7.00 p.m. Wednesday following the match. Should a score of less than 60 be provided for a referee’s performance the club must submit a written report via email/SMS detailing reasons for this score to the Registration Secretary.

The Home Team must provide, TWO match balls for the match. Each team must provide an Assistant Referee. The Home Team should have available two Assistant Referee flags.

Ensure the Referee is given the BLUE copy of the team-sheet before kick-off and is paid his fee promptly once the game has finished and is not left waiting around for it.

Both teams must email the result, goalscorers & match summary to the Press Officer pressofficer@bnesl.co.uk by 3pm on the day of the match.

If playing in a COUNTY CUP FIXTURE teams playing HOME or AWAY the team secretary is responsible for phoning in the result and goalscorers to the Press Officer (Note: winning team secretary must also contact the relevant Essex FA group officer with their result.

All Cup matches to be decided on the day of the match, If the scores are level at the end of normal time then a extra time of 15 minutes each way shall be played. if at the end of extra time the scores are still level then the tie shall be decided by penalties.


It is very important that you reply to any correspondence from the league within the specified time, it not only helps the league run efficiently but more importantly helps your club avoid being fined!

Postponements/Cancellations or Change of Venue

If a game has to be postponed due to weather/lack of players/abandonment or a change of venue is required the HOME team secretary must contact the following League officers immediately:

• Fixture Secretary
• Referee Appointment Secretary
• Press Officer
• Opposing Club Secretary
• Match Official

Other Helpful Information

No Telephone calls to Management Committee Members after 21.00 hours.

Information relating to Referees please contact: Michele Rinaldi
Information relating to Registrations/Transfers please contact: Jacqui Parker
Information relating to Finances please contact: Malcolm Seward
Information relating to fixtures please contact: Charlie Kayley
Information relating to all other matters please contact: David Parker

Notes for Secretaries/Managers

Guidance for Referee Marking – Considerations

Overall Decision Making

Did the Referee;

*Recognise patterns of play and not invade player/game space 
*Correctly recognise and award throw-ins, goal-kicks and corners 
*Demonstrate consistent and credible recognition, detection and interpretation of ‘normal’ Law 12 offences i.e. but not limited to; foul tackles, holding, aerial challenges, handball etc. 
*Recognise Law 11 + 12 offences and advantage application opportunities, not merely possession, applied in credible areas and/or applied without detriment to match control 
*Demonstrate awareness of when appropriate to use the range of management techniques available, before resorting to formal disciplinary action i.e. the STEP process 
*Recognise where player(s), teams(s) are using time consuming tactics and takes positive appropriate action i.e. preventative actions 
*Demonstrate high levels of fitness and work rate throughout the entire game to meet the demands of the game 

Judgement of Major Decisions

(Cautions/Non-Cautions, Send Offs/Non-Send Offs, Penalties/Non-Penalties, Goal Awarded/Disallowed or any other significant game changing decisions)

Did the Referee;

*Demonstrate identification of ‘significant game impact’ incidents and offences with appropriate action(s) applied 
*Demonstrate the ability to recognise the importance of potential key match decisions and effectively move towards/gain an optimum viewing angle to (a) judge, (b) enhance credibility and (c) adds value to the decision

In the highly unlikely event of there being no major decisions, a standard mark of 15 should be awarded to the Referee.

Overall Control and Player Management

Did the Referee;

*Act in a positive manner in their Pre-match Communication and Off-Field Behaviour 
Lead their team, ensuring all officials worked in harmony without contradictory decisions (where ARs are appointed) 
*Display empathy for the game, managing game situations in an empathetic manner recognising the ever changing ebbs/flows, nature and temperature of the game and adapts refereeing style to suit  *Recognise when/how to raise his/her profile to aide their match control and remain in self-control of emotions, demonstrating composure 
*Recognise when appropriate to enter face-to-face dialogue with the Assistant Referee(s) (where applicable), to aide visual co-operation and major decision making 
*Effectively manage, when appropriate, two-way interaction with players, technical staff etc.
*Demonstrate a natural authority/confidence – not influenced by players, spectators or team officials

Overall Decision Making – marks to be applied between 1 – 40
Judgement of Major Decisions – marks to be applied between 1 – 30
Overall Control – marks to be applied 1 – 30
Total marks available 3 – 100


BNESL Transfer Form 2021-22 season

BNESL Individual Player Registration Form 2021-22 season

BNESL Multi Player Registration Form 2021-2022 season


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